AGE: 40 STATUS: Married, father of two boys. HOST OF: Entertainment Tonight HIS REPUTATION: Steines’s boy­-next­-door persona is as traditional as John Deer (where his dad worked for 30 years).  Born and raised in Dubuque, Iowa, he was an all-­state football player at the University of Northern Iowa and even married a Miss America ­Leanza Cornett.  Working on his uncle’s Farm helped prepare him for bigger things. “We picked up eggs from the henhouse, milked cows,” says Steines. “I developed a lot of my strength bailing hay and stacking it.”

MIDWEST IS BEST: For now the family is settled in L.A., but Steines is still drawn to his hometown. “I wouldn’t mind returning there,” he says. “I could teach at the university, and we could go to town for games on Saturday nights.”

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